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Web Content Manager

Vancouver, BC

Company Description

Compunnel Inc. is a leading provider of bespoke workforce management, IT consulting, and e-learning solutions. Founded in 1994, we offer a wide range of workforce solutions including contingent staffing, full-time hiring, payroll, and SOW services. With a focus on innovation, we harness smart tech to pioneer game-changing solutions for talent engagement and recruitment. Our company is headquartered in New Jersey, with a countrywide network of service delivery centers and global delivery centers in Canada, India, and the UK. We serve over 200 clients, including Fortune businesses, and are committed to equal employment opportunities for talent.

Mandatory Qualifications/Requirements

Mandatory Experience:

1. Minimum 6 years of experience in web content management:

• Demonstrated proficiency in managing web content with a track record of 6 years in roles focused on web design and content management.

2. Strong written and verbal communication skills:

• Exceptional ability to communicate effectively through both written and verbal means, ensuring clear and compelling messaging across digital platforms.

3. Familiarity with web writing styles and best practices:

• In-depth knowledge of current web writing styles, trends, and industry best practices to ensure engaging and user-friendly content.

4. Proficiency in using CMS-Lite, an in-house developed content management tool:

• Hands-on experience and expertise in utilizing CMS-Lite, the in-house content management tool, to efficiently manage and publish content on digital platforms.

5. Familiarity with web content writing standard and style of the provincial government’s:

• Knowledge and adherence to the web content writing standard and style specified by the Provincial government, ensuring alignment with regulatory requirements and guidelines.

6. Experience in Government Digital Services and common practices:

• Proven experience working within the Government Digital Services framework, with a comprehensive understanding of common practices and protocols.

7. Intranet articles publication:

• Previous successful involvement in the publication of articles on intranet platforms, demonstrating the ability to adapt content for internal audiences and leverage effective communication channels.

8. Website homepage design and management:

• Proficient in designing and managing website homepages, showcasing a keen eye for aesthetics, user experience, and an understanding of current design trends.

9. Microsite design and management:

• Demonstrated capability in designing and managing microsites, ensuring a cohesive and strategi

Job Description

1.Content Strategy Implementation:

•Partner with the People & Culture team, specifically the Internal Communications Lead, to develop and implement a content strategy for the intranet websites.

•Review and refresh the website design and architecture ongoingly.

2.UX and Design Enhancement:

•Implement web content writing standards and User Experience Design (“UX”) best practices.

•Lead Corporate business areas and stakeholders in the development of user-focused web content.

3.Content Publication and SEO:

•Publish written content to the web using BC Government’s web content management tool with Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) best practices.

4.Effective Communication:

•Ensure that intranet content effectively communicates with employees and supports their work.

5.Compliant with Government Guidelines:

•Ensure web content is accurate, up-to-date, relevant, user-friendly, easy to navigate, accessible, and written in an appropriate and consistent voice and tone for the audience.

•Align with the BC Provincial government strategy and style guide.

6.Collaboration with SME’s:

•Edit contributions from subject matter experts (“SMEs”).

•Join in meetings and/or workshops with the internal communications lead, business area SMEs, and stakeholders to determine and document content needs.

7.Performance Monitoring:

•Maintain regular communication with the People & Culture team, specifically the Internal Communications Lead, regarding work progress updates and risks or issues.

8.Monitoring and Feedback:

•Monitor web content effectiveness over time and make recommendations.

•Provide meaningful data and feedback to the People & Culture team, specifically the Internal Communications Lead."

9.Training and Development Initiatives:

•Provide CMS-Lite and content development and management training to content stewards as needed.

10.Quality Assurance of Corporate Content:

•Review Corporate content stewards’ deliverables to ensure consistently compelling, engaging, and useful content.

11.Strategic Recommendations:

•Recommend options/approaches to achieve communication or service delivery objectives on the web.

12.Knowledge Transfer:

Provide knowledge transfer to the Corporation and/or a new service provider if the Services are retendered or brought in-house.

13.Seamless Succession Planning:

  • Provide a transitioning-out service, including a plan to train new staff, ensure accurate documentation, and facilitate a smooth knowledge transfer based on technology and application complexity."

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