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PHP,CSS, JavaScript, Bootstap developer


Project overview

We are in the process of putting the final touches on the next version of our online media system.  It is focused on sports coach education by providing a platform for coaches of all levels to connect and share their best practices with a global sports community.  

The backend functions for the next version have been built, and will be operational as a hybrid system of a cloud  based service, utilising a blockchain backend.

Requirement from a UI/frontend developer

The system is built using PHP and MySQL as a functional basis.  The web frontend uses mostly Node.JS for interface controls.  The design elements are mostly HTML with CSS styling, and some JavaScript for client side interactions.

The need is for a mid to senior front-end developer to assist in reviewing, updates, and completion of the front-end features.  The system is roughly built with a provided design (produced in Figma by our graphic designer) for the web, and is mostly not mobile compliant.

Tasks will be:

  • Interface polish
  • Reviewing the current system and ensuring the bootstrap loader is correctly implemented for mobile displays
  • Working with our tech lead on frontend interfaces for the final feature list


We require a [contractor] with the following skills:

  • Understand & development of PHP code
  • Read PHP, find and update functions which writes out HTML code to the frontend
  • The system is built with object orientation in mind, which means HTML elements are produced by function calls to PHP object
  • Read and write JavaScript code
  • JavaScript code is used for interface manipulation on the frontend.  
  • Behaviour changes, as well as creation of functions to make the frontend function correctly
  • Read and write HTML and CSS
  • The focus is on frontend development

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