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Product Marketing Manager

Remote Richmond, BC

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Job Type:

Full time, hybrid (2-3 days/week minimum in office), $100-$150K depending on experience. Must be local.

About Us:

Built With Science is a fast growing fitness company on a mission to revolutionize the fitness industry by providing objective, science-based products and services that actually work. We want to make the process of improving health and getting into incredible shape easy and attainable for everyone, by leveraging powerful science-backed resistance training and nutrition protocols and guiding you every step of the way.

As a result of sticking to our core values, our founder Jeremy Ethier has become one of the top faces in the industry, amassing over 6 million YouTube subscribers, 1 million Instagram followers, and millions more on other social media platforms. We have also grown our Built With Science social media platforms and have amassed a large customer base and a strong community of loyal followers.

We’re passionate about what we do, we are obsessed with creating game-changing products that over deliver on expectations, and we want to shake up the industry. Work doesn’t feel like “work” to us, and neither will it for you! We love to have fun and we’re looking for someone who feels just as passionate about our mission as we do.

Our Values

Our company culture is the heart of who we are, and our values go beyond words. We believe that a strong culture is the key to long-term success and fulfillment.

Do our values resonate with you?

  • Science-based; we combine science with real-world practical experience to deliver highly effective solutions that people can trust.
  • Educating and Empowerment; we excel in teaching and love educating and empowering others with actionable, practical knowledge and tools to help transform their lives.
  • Customer Obsessed; we are obsessed with deeply understanding our customers and creating solutions that get them life changing results.
  • Integrity and Transparency; world class reputation for integrity and transparency - we don’t take shortcuts or sell false promises.
  • Fail Fast; we aren’t afraid to take risks and fail. We aren't punished for failing, we simply learn from it and move on. The faster we fail, the faster we can learn what works!
  • Radical Candor; be unapologetically honest with each other, even if it’s uncomfortable. If you don’t criticize it, our customers will.
  • Pursue Excellence; we pride ourselves in overdelivering on customer expectations by creating truly great products. To take something from “good” to “great” is 10x the time and effort, but makes all the difference.

About The Job:

We have a community of over 150,000+ customers who have purchased our online fitness programs. These programs provide step by step guidance and science-backed education on both training (focused on resistance training) and nutrition. One of the highest requested items from our customers has been to elevate the user experience by creating an all-in-one mobile app. After years of engineering, we now have an “MVP” of this fitness app. We have rolled it out to a small pilot group and a small paying user base, and we’ve been met with great feedback so far. We need a sharp, detail-oriented, passionate Product Marketing Manager to help us refine our go-to-market strategy and guide our product development to launch our app to our existing customer base (150,000+ people) and our large social media audience (combined 8+ million followers).

We have proven product-market fit and we have a team of A-player coaches and engineers who are dedicated to build a revolutionary fitness app. Our goal is to leverage both a blend of scientific research and world-class coaching experience to create the most effective, credible fitness solution on the market and make it accessible to anyone. You will act as the “glue” between our coaches, engineers, and customers to help deliver an exceptional product that aligns with market needs.

Your Responsibilities (within the first 3-6 months):

  • In depth segmentation analysis; use a combination of customer interviews, customer surveys, data analysis, and discussions with key stakeholders and our team of coaches and dietitians to breakdown key user personas and suggest which personas should be our main focus
  • Based on Amazon’s approach to product development, create a PR FAQ: Using the results of the segmentation analysis, you will create a short (max 2pg) doc to serve as a “north star” that all areas of the company can reference (sales/engineering/marketing/etc.) to guide product development and marketing strategies
  • Based on the segmentation analysis, review the current state of the app and determine what improvements to make to personalize the experience based on the user persona
  • Customer journey analysis; map out the existing customer journey and propose how to align the product experience and our product offerings with the customer journey in order to maximize retention and LTV
  • Primary Market Research; host focus groups and 1-1 discussions with our existing app users or potential app customers to gather feedback to advise the product strategy and future product improvements/features
  • Secondary Market Research; review existing market solutions and customer needs to advise future product improvements and strategy
  • Identifying KPIs; Determine the key conversion metrics and engagement metrics to track and work with the team to setup a dashboard that accurately measures them
  • Experimentation; Use key metrics to collaborate with engineers to ideate and conduct experiments with the goal of improving the conversion and retention of customers, as well as maximizing LTV
  • Collaborate with both our coaches/dietitians (field experts) AND engineers, to create a culture/process where both parties can seamlessly collaborate to build an exceptional product by leveraging real-world experience with technology
  • Work with UX/UI designers to ensure the app design aligns with the product strategy and positioning
  • Fine-tune and improve upon our existing go-to market launch strategy (copy, creatives, positioning, pricing, etc.) using segmentation results and other data collected throughout the research process
  • Oversee the execution of marketing creatives for the app pre- and post- app launch (including YouTube videos, social media posts, blog posts, paid advertising) to ensure it’s aligned with both customer needs/wants as well as the Built With Science brand
  • Advise on the app’s market readiness , and when it is, help us bring it to market and share it with the world!

What Success Looks Like:

  • Achieve a trial to conversion rate of at least 50%
  • Launch the app, creating a recurring revenue stream for Built With Science and as a result achieve a lift of at least 15% in average customer LTV
  • Documentation of our key customer segments and user personas, and creation of a personalized app experience catered to each persona
  • Crystal-clear understanding and documentation of the existing customer journey, with the product designed to maximize retention and customer LTV based on that customer journey
  • Create a culture of seamless collaboration between engineers and our coaches/dietitians
  • A clear roadmap of future product features and improvements in order to improve the customer experience, retention, and LTV
  • Create and launch an app experience that people can’t stop talking about
  • Actively measuring and improving upon key metrics that represent how effectively our customers are actually achieving their fitness goals

What’s At Stake If We Don’t Achieve Our Mission:

If we are not successful we will fail to make a dent in the fitness industry. We’ll let shady fitness companies take advantage of those desperately looking to improve their bodies and health but are unaware of who to trust. We continue to allow people to live their lives without ever realizing their full potential, because they have no go-to solution that makes the process efficient and actually attainable for the average person.

How To Apply

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