Weir Motion Metrics
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About Weir Motion Metrics

Weir Motion Metrics is a Canadian mining technology division that enables a new generation of safe, smart, and sustainable mining. Based in Vancouver, B.C., the company joined forces with Weir, one of the world’s leading engineering businesses, to empower mines by developing and deploying advanced monitoring solutions that address the industry’s toughest challenges.

A diverse and tight-knit team of 100+ engineers, scientists, and professionals, Weir Motion Metrics colleagues share a passion for driving industry change through innovation by leveraging leading-edge, rugged camera technology and artificial intelligence. Through deep collaboration and industry expertise, Weir Motion Metrics prioritizes customer partnerships in productivity and safety. Serving the mining market since 1999, then joining Weir in 2021, Motion Metrics is proud to be Weir’s first-ever center of excellence for artificial intelligence and machine vision technology.

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada