Indigenous Clean Energy
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About Indigenous Clean Energy

The ICE Social Enterprise achieves impact through its four programs:

20/20 Catalysts Program – the national clean energy capacity building program for Indigenous individuals from communities and organizations across Canada.

The ICE Network – a collaborative space for people working to advance Indigenous clean energy projects and Indigenous participation in the clean energy sector.

The Global Hub – an international initiative to build connections, share learnings, and promote cooperation among Indigenous groups globally.

Bringing It Home – a national initiative working to foster community-centered ‘Healthy Energy Living’ enabling environments that engrain energy efficiency for new and retrofitted homes and facilities.

Generation Power – a training and career program for Indigenous youth in the clean energy sector. Generation Power is a holistic, capacity-based program that acknowledges the skills, talent and qualifications of youth and employers.

The ICE Social Enterprise is governed by a Board of Directors, along with an Executive & Advisory Council which provides oversight and input to ensure programming brings the maximum about of benefits to Indigenous peoples.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada