Backend Software Engineer

Vancouver, BC


Long term: We empower farmers to build a more resilient future for global agriculture.

Right now: We build modern automation tools for every farmer on the planet. We do that by building and deploying intelligent devices to automate farm infrastructure for irrigation, fertilization, and other operations along with the software to scalably manage it all.

You might think this is surely a solved problem at this point, but it isn’t. Especially not at the scale our customers, the world’s largest food brands, operate at. And that’s where you come in.


As a backend-focused Software Engineer, you’ll be helping keep our customers in control of their farm. You’ll help our growers feel confident using Verdi by building reliable and transparent systems. You’ll find clever solutions to help growers manage the complexities of their farming operations, and make sure they can rely on us when equipment fails or things go wrong. You are going to join a small team of passionate people that enable 21st century farming. You’ll do this all while writing good code, developing processes, iterating on designs, and contributing in whatever ways you can to our mission.


Cloud host: Google Cloud Platform

Core stack: MERN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, and NodeJS) + TypeScript

Core technologies: LoRaWAN (IoT device communication), Mongoose/Typegoose, Jest, Github Actions, Cloud Run, Cloud Build, Terraform, Docker


System Development and Maintenance

  • Develop systems to manage fleets of smart devices to support critical farm operations
  • Identify ways to modularize and generalize our systems so that we can more easily adapt to the evolving needs of our growers
  • Develop and maintain cloud infrastructure, DevOps systems, and data infrastructure
  • Assist with full-stack development as needed
  • Iterate and improve existing features to support our growers

Performance Management

  • Find clever ways to improve device performance and reliability
  • Navigate constraints imposed by things like device hardware or communication protocols
  • Find ways to preemptively detect problems and generate alerts to keep both customers and colleagues up to date.

Code and Testing

  • Write code that is extensible, well-documented, and readable
  • Extend and maintain our testing suite to identify problems before they reach users

Customer Support

  • Assist with customer support for backend related technical issues


  • Participate in feature and project planning


  • Formal education in Computer Science or related field
  • 3+ years of professional development experience in JS
  • Knowledge and experience with the areas listed in the responsibilities above
  • Knowledge of industry best practices
  • Ability to rapidly prototype new features
  • Ability to take responsibility for tasks and accomplish them without significant oversight
  • Ability to voice opinions on strategy, development priorities, and best practices


  • Familiarity with our stack
  • Experience with asynchronous IoT device control and binary packets
  • Familiarity with system security
  • Interest and/or experience in the agriculture/climate industry
  • Ability to occasionally travel to the USA and potentially other countries



  • Salary ~$100,000/year negotiable with stock options
  • Equipment budget to get you set up
  • Health benefits (Dental, Optometry, Mental Health, etc.)


  • Flexible vacation and time-off policy
  • A pretty cool office located at 2285 Clark Dr.
  • Flexible hybrid work style (generally in office M-W-F)
  • Flexible work hours (generally available 11am to 5pm)
  • Flexibility to occasionally work remotely


  • Chance to make a significant impact on a fast-growing startup and the agriculture industry
  • Opportunity to work in one of the world’s most livable cities with unmatched access to nature and activities
  • Opportunity for engineering leadership
  • Chance to travel to interesting locations to meet with growers

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