App Developer (Flutter)


The App Developer's job is to build the future of the Dyne app’s features to be used by thousands of users. You will also explore and help evaluate new technologies to be used to enhance the mobile app and provide more engagement to users. You will be working as a software engineer for the mobile app integrating APIs, making gamified AI features, and implementing beautiful UI.


  • Develop new, cutting-edge features for the Dyne app in a fast-paced weekly-sprint environment focused on working code.
  • Present fresh, creative ideas and code to make your voice heard.
  • Interface with our backend to create the smoothest possible application for users.
  • Participate in group coding and debugging sessions
  • Take part in the development meetings to help determine implementation details for the app and the Dyne vision at large.
  • Good communication with the team every week about progress updates, completed code, and potential areas of growth or limitations.
  • Perform Test-Driven-Development to ensure the robustness of all new features implemented.


  • Experience with the Flutter Software Development kit, having familiarity with its UI and front-end packages and widget trees in Dart.
  • Experience with UI/UX or design work is a huge bonus.
  • Experience with CRUD requests, interfacing with a back-end REST API, async and synchronous code.
  • Experience with Android/iOS development is a bonus.
  • Experience with Automated Testing and AGILE methodologies is a bonus.
  • Relevant Projects or Coursework demonstrating ability is a huge bonus.

Time Commitment

20 to 25 hours per week, with the option of full time.

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